Dutton Diggers & Diesel - Mobile Diesel Mechanics

Powering your projects

We’ve got your back.

Dutton Diggers & Diesel turn up on time, and get the job done well! Our team know that whenever your machinery is not working, it’s costing money and project timelines are slipping. We’ll always do our level best to get you back in action as soon as we can.

Hand over the hassle.

With fleet maintenance we can schedule and organise the servicing of your machinery for you. This saves you time, helps prevent breakdowns, and ensures your diesel equipment lasts longer before needing replacement.

You’re our bread and butter.

In our business, reputation is everything. We know that a job well done means happy customers, and happy customers means we have a strong business.

We go above and beyond to do everything we can to make life easier for you; from answering the phone and keeping you updated on each project’s progress, to delivering the results you need - so your projects stay on track, saving you time and money.

Dutton Diggers & Diesel are a team of highly skilled mechanics and auto-electricians with extensive knowledge in repairing large machinery.

Founded in 2017, Dutton Diggers and Diesel Ltd has built an industry reputation for results and reliability, and provide an experienced team of mobile auto-electricians and diesel mechanics with experience in multiple industries. Our team work together to offer professional support to all clients, big and small, in trucking, earth moving, civil engineering, construction and residential developments, drilling and agriculture. The combination of specialised mechanical knowledge and a powerful 'can do' attitude enables the team at Dutton Diggers & Diesel to provide an on call mechanic service with a difference.

We can provide expert solutions for mechanical, engineering or hydraulic breakdowns, enabling you to get back to work, pronto.

Why work with Dutton Diggers & Diesel?

​With our years of experience across a range of fields there aren't too many mechanical issues we can't resolve. We understand the frustrations and costly time delay of equipment failure when you're in the middle of a job - one quick call and we're there to help.We provide a 7 days-a-week mobile diesel mechanic service to the North Shore, North Auckland, West Auckland, Auckland City and across the Rodney Region.

We operate from a large yard and workshop facility at 1744 Dairy Flat Highway, Silverdale.

At Dutton Diggers & Diesel we pride ourselves on providing a top notch job and supporting our clients in their business; fixing your mechanical issues is the name of our game - and we get the job done!

Meet the Dutton Diggers & Diesel Team