Get More Efficiency from your Diesel Machinery & Vehicles

Get More Efficiency from your Diesel Machinery & Vehicles

How to improve your diesel truck or machine fuel efficiency

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, where efficiency is a key to success, finding ways to optimise fuel consumption isn’t merely a financial concern – it’s a strategic necessity.

This guide provides steps to enhance your fuel efficiency in your diesel truck or machinery, in order to gain long term benefits.


Follow these essential steps to maximise diesel fuel efficiency

Optimise your loads

Overloading a truck or machine can significantly reduce the fuel efficiency, by distributing the load evenly this will avoid carrying unnecessary weight and increase the chances of fuel economy.  

Monitor Tire Pressure

Inflating your tire pressure to the manufacturers guidelines is critical for trucks and heavy machinery. Underinflating tires can lead to increased rolling resistance, decreased fuel efficiency, and premature wear. Overinflating tires may result in reduced traction and uneven wear.

Use Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques

Drivers or operators should use fuel efficient driving techniques such as: smooth acceleration and braking, maintaining a steady speed and avoiding excessive idling.

Regularly Inspect for Leaks or Damage

Checking for leaks or damage to fuel lines, hoses, and seals as every small leak can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and needs to be repaired.

Regular Maintenance

Booking in regular maintenance is essential for diesel trucks and machinery as there could be underlying faults that could be contributing to reduced fuel efficiency.

Using these steps will improve your diesel fuel efficiency, which will offer numerous benefits ranging from cost saving to operational efficiency.

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