Dutton Diggers & Diesel Director Update February 24

Dutton Diggers & Diesel Director Update February 24


As we slip back into the routine of early mornings and business as usual, I thought it an opportune time to disclose our “word for the year”. Each year we choose a word which we focus and reflect upon. There are no KPI’s or outcomes we strive for with this word. The word becomes part of us. It permeates every corner of our business.

This year we have chosen the word AROHA. We have a team that loves to fix machines. They love working together, satisfying customers, and getting them back on the road. We look forward to servicing your vehicles/machines with aroha.

We use Workshop Software

Our software has every vehicle or machine we have serviced on it. We will give you a courtesy call when we predict your machine may need to be serviced. If we are too soon, please give us an idea of when it will be due, and we will book it in.

Alternatively, you can book your service in online, and we will confirm the date and time. Our Diesel Mechanics are proudly mobile, and we will do what we can to get to you as soon as we can.


Thank you for your custom and your loyalty.

Ed Dutton



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